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Law, politics, and rock & roll

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I have next to no LJ rules. If you add me, I will probably add you back. (Likewise, if you un-add me, I will probably un-add you too, just to keep things simple. I probably won't take it personally, and neither should you.) If you do add me, though, you should be aware of a few things:

I'm a lawyer. Don't hold it against me. I've also been a bassist/singer, a bartender, a fitness-equipment salesman, a waiter, a nursing assistant, a bar manager, a private investigator, a busboy, a bail enforcement agent, a karaoke host, a restaurant manager, a financial analyst, a tire mechanic, and a teacher.

I'm a dad. Josh will be four in August. John Atticus (a/k/a Jack) turned one on January 7.

I play in a rock band.

I am unabashedly liberal (also progressive, which I do not use as a label to avoid telling people I am a liberal) and vehemently anti-Dubya.

If that bugs you, move along, nothing to see here.

I spend more time reading the newspapers than I do reading my flist, and since I don't know most of you personally anyway, I will likely stay out of your personal posts. That need not be reciprocal. On those occasions when I do post about my personal life here, it's usually because I'm looking for a response from people I trust. Those kinds of posts won't come from me very often.

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